From someone who enjoys fantasy novels, games and stories comes a new book series where he is finally living the adventure of a lifetime as an author. In Book 1 of Chronicles of Eldrin, author Brad Kuipers takes readers to a faraway land where they will find themselves surrounded in beauty, monsters, and different sentient species.


Readers are invited to step out of this world and enter Eldrin, a land of stunning natural beauty, terrifying monsters, and seven sentient species. This first book of the series, “Manipulator”, takes place during a tipping point in the delicate balance of peace within Eldrin. Peace treaties between kingdoms new and ancient have been broken and war is inevitable between the newly established Bynder Kingdom, a kingdom of giants, and the human Machellia Kingdom.


The legendary Kaff, a reclusive and powerful retired hero from an age past, is in a race to find a devastating weapon before it falls into the hands of the ambitious Kendrick Bynder, king of the giants. Jameson, the son of Kaff, is thrust from his comfortable world of routine and seclusion into an adventure of flying galleons, pirates, and a dangerous race to control the mysterious weapon hidden in the northlands of Eldrin.


This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores; Writers Republic,   Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


About the Author

Brad Kuipers grew up on a dairy farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and has always enjoyed fantasy novels and worlds away from this world. He began writing this story at the age of thirteen in an attempt to chronicle the games and stories created in the minds of his siblings and himself. Becoming an author had always felt like a fantasy. In that regard, he is finally living the adventure of his lifetime.